What is AR Automation: A Beginner Guide

A man trying to figure out Accounts Receivable Automation with Cashflow.io

Effective accounts receivable (AR) management is a cornerstone of successful business operations. However, the traditional manual AR processes involving spreadsheets, paper invoices, and ledger books are time-consuming and highly inefficient in today’s fast-paced business environment. This beginner’s guide is designed to elucidate the concept of AR automation, its pivotal benefits, and how businesses can transform…

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20 Powerful Accounts Receivable Automation Best Practices for 2023

llustration showing streamlined AR process for automation

In the world of contemporary business, efficiency is crucial. Accounts receivable (AR) automation has emerged as a solution to the challenges posed by manual AR management, offering enhanced productivity, improved accuracy, better visibility, and cost savings. Manually managing accounts receivable (AR) is inefficient, risky, and costly for any business. The benefits of AR automation can…

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The Power of Automated Payment Reminders: How to Increase Collections

Small business owner enjoying streamlined payment reminders

Small businesses often face challenges with late client payments and cash flow issues. However, manually sending payment reminders is a laborious task. Fortunately, there’s a more efficient solution. In this guide, you’ll learn how automating payment reminders can completely transform your collections process. We’ll share how to properly set up and customize automated reminders to…

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How to Collect Money from Late Paying Clients: Tips and Strategies for SMBs

Illustration depicting the benefits of automated payment reminders

Unpaid invoices can deal a devastating blow to a small business’s cash flow, presenting a significant challenge for owners and managers. To mitigate the detrimental effects of overdue client payments, implementing effective accounts receivable strategies is crucial. Proactive measures like sending invoices promptly, applying late fees, offering payment plans, and taking appropriate collection actions can…

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Offering Payment Plans to Customers: A Comprehensive Guide

Customer financing has emerged as a crucial tool for businesses, allowing them to offer their customers flexible payment options for products, goods, or services. This financial program involves a structured payment plan that spreads the cost over a defined period, making purchases more accessible to a broader customer base. Understanding Customer Financing Customer financing is…

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The 7 Best AR Automation Tools of 2024

An image showing a few individuals trying to figure out the best automation software for 2023

For any business, efficiently collecting payments from customers is critical to success. Manual, paper-based accounts receivable processes can be extremely time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors resulting in a complex collections process for many modern businesses. AR automation software is becoming essential to optimize the entire credit-to-cash cycle by eliminating repetitive manual tasks. However, with…

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