Our vision

We believe that the current system of sending invoices, a request to be paid, after delivering your goods & services is broken! Hoping and praying that your customers will pay on-time is not working.

Frame 3vision

60% is the minimum percentage of small businesses that regularly have invoices paid late. *

Frame 4vision

43% is the share of companies that have reported a rise in the number of late payments. *

Frame 5vision

37 is the average number of days that businesses are being paid past the due date. *

We asked ourselves:

"Do we really need invoices in a digital payments world?"

"Why do we have to ask to get paid after delivering?"

"Shouldn’t payment be due exactly according to the payment terms?"

The digital payments revolution allows us to correct the mistakes of the past and offer our business customers a fully integrated AR solution.  Never chase a customer for a late payment ever again!


Prevent late payments

Automate receivables using eQuotes and make billing part of your purchase order agreements.


Boost your cash flow

With automated receivables within your agreements, get short-term loans to help deliver orders.

Win more business

Offer more flexible payment terms to win purchase orders knowing that your receivables will be automated.