A quicker, easier way to move money.

Send money by bank transfer, EFT/ACH or VISA Direct in minutes.
Make B2B payments as simple as they should be.

Automate your payables and save time.

Manage all your payments quickly from a single login. Cashflow.io's automatic linking of bank accounts reduces human error and protects against fraud.

Keep track of your payments from anywhere.

Track the status of your payment so you know when it has landed. Get status updates on any device, using simple cloud-based tools.

A better experience for you, and your customers.

Send money more efficiently and securely than ever. Boost your cashflow and give your business partners peace of mind.

Key features

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Simple tools to send direct bank transfers.

We support electronic funds transfer (ETF) and automated clearing house (ACH).

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Send money when and where you want.

Use Visa Direct to send money directly to almost any Visa card holder in real-time.

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All your payments in one place.

Forget logging into multiple banks and platforms. Keep it all under one login with Cashflow.io.