Payment solutions for Professional Service Providers

In busy office environments, the speed and efficiency of your cash flow is a priority. Our solutions are designed to streamline payments from your clients, accelerating your cash flow.


Make payment part of your engagement

You used to take on business with a simple service agreement, then send an invoice after providing your service hoping to get paid quickly. That old system is broken!. With eQuotes, make payment part of your customer agreements for later billing when they confirm delivery. The best part, if they ignore it to avoid paying on-time it is automatically billed days later.

Offer flexible payment terms & options

You can create deliverables with automated payments upon customer confirmation or payment plans for after you have delivered their order.

Multiple payment options

Your customer can pay by credit or debit card, and Direct Bank Transfers by simply clicking their bank logo and connecting their account in a few minutes.

Deliver digital files behind a paywall

You don’t have to take your customer’s payment details to ensure you get paid on time. Instead, attach your documents to a Payment Request, click the paywall option, and your customer’s can only receive the digital files for download AFTER they complete the payment.

When cash flows, business grows.