Cashflow solutions for Manufacturers & Distributors

Manage all your accounts payable online for free. Save time and focus on growing your client base.


Make payment part of your customer orders

You used to send an invoice after providing your products and hoping to get paid quickly.  That old system is broken!.  With eQuotes, make payment part of your customer agreements for later billing when they confirm delivery.  The best part, if they ignore it to avoid paying on-time it is automatically billed days later according to your payments terms.

Make every payment easy

Easily add a payment link to your customer invoices. Your customers will be taken to a secure page to pay you instantly. Accepting payments electronically cuts down on late payments and eliminates the dreaded "check is in the mail" excuse.

Multiple payment options

Your customers can pay by credit or debit card, and Direct Bank Transfers by simply clicking their bank logo and connecting their account in a few minutes.

Offer flexible payment options

“Pay Now or Pay Later” offers your full control on custom options for your students.

Incentivize quick payments!

Incentivize your students with early payment discounts that are time limited.

Increase revenue from your receivables!

Put your student receivables to work.  With Pay Later, you can offer citizens the option to pay overtime with a customizable schedule AND surcharge.  Set a later billing date or even recurring payments over time and add a surcharge.