Cashflow solutions for

Health Care

Your patients can pay in-person with a payment request sent to their mobile phone or before visiting your clinic from their home.


Send payment requests by Email or SMS text

Your customers will be taken to a secure page to pay you instantly. Accepting payments electronically cuts down on late payments and eliminates the dreaded "check is in the mail" excuse.

Fully customized payment process

We believe the payment process should enhance your business relationships. From simply customizing with your branding, to Pay Now or Pay Later features, you'll be able to provide a secure and trusted payment experience. In just a few clicks, your customers can pay you directly on your site, without having to create an account.

Accept multiple payment types

Give your customers the option to pay by credit card or directly from their bank account. Direct Bank Transfers is the faster and more secure alternative to paper checks. Still receiving paper checks? No problem. You can use for customers interested in paying you online, and sync the data with your bookkeeping software.

Let your customers pay over time

Offer your customers recurring billing or custom payment plans over time. Your customers can authorize an automated debit from their credit card or bank account, for a fixed or variable amount. With recurring payments, there's less work for your customers to pay you, and you get paid right on schedule.

Generate payments links

Simply paste your unique payment link onto your invoices, and your customers will be directed to a secure page to pay you. We take care of all the hosting as well as settlements to your bank account.