How to Offer Lawyer Payment Plans

how to offer lawyer payment plans with

The cost of legal services remains a significant barrier for many who need access to justice. According to the World Justice Project, over 80% of civil legal problems reported by low-income Americans receive inadequate or no legal help. This “justice gap” exists partly because clients lack the financial means to pay legal fees upfront. Offering…

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Retailer’s Guide to Offering Customer Financing

Cashflow's guide to offering customers financing in 2023

As a retailer, you want to close every sale. But for some customers, affording that big-ticket purchase in one payment is a dealbreaker. Offering financing gives more customers the ability to pay over time. This guide will cover everything you need to know to offer customer financing confidently. What is Customer Financing? Customer financing allows…

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Best Plans to Make Health Services Affordable

Cashflow's guide to make services affordable in 2023

Paying for healthcare can be really hard for many people today. The costs are high and the bills are confusing. However, emerging financial solutions are helping healthcare practices offer payment plans while managing risk. The ability to offer understandable payment plans can become a competitive advantage for your practice and has been listed as one…

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Construction Factoring Guide (Fast-Track Your Projects)

Construction factoring guide in 2023

As a construction company owner, you know the difficulties of managing cash flow while juggling multiple projects. Customers rarely pay upfront for large jobs, instead paying in stages or after completion. This leaves you footing the bill for labor, materials, and operating expenses for weeks or months before seeing revenue from your work. Delayed payments…

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The 7 Best Invoice Factoring Software

The top 7 invoice factoring software of 2023

Invoicing and accounting processes are crucial for businesses to operate efficiently and get paid on time. However, managing invoices and waiting for payments can tie up valuable working capital and stall growth. Invoice factoring software provides critical solutions to accelerate cash flow against outstanding invoices. The top invoice factoring platforms below offer robust AR automation,…

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How to Offer Financing as a Contractor

How to offer financing as a contractor with

Construction is a costly and cash-intensive industry. Paying for materials, equipment, and labor often requires large upfront outlays long before contractors receive client payments. This cash flow gap can restrain business growth and put companies at financial risk. Offering financing helps contractors improve cash flow by advancing capital against future customer payments. Financing also makes…

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