reveals unique cashflow boosting tools for SMBs

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The team is excited to share our transition into the next phase of our business:  

SEND. RECEIVE. FINANCE. All under one login. Manage all your B2B cashflow challenges with easy-to-use tools focused on winning more business while preventing late payments.

Until now, managing cashflow has been a major pain for business owners, and their accountants. offers intuitive tools that automates the entire payments and financing process, while also generating new revenue opportunities. It makes cashflow optimization simple, so you can focus on growing your business, instead of just managing it.

SEND. Move money by bank transfer, EFT/ACH or VISA Direct in minutes. Make B2B payments as simple as they should be.

RECEIVE. Automate receivables and prevent late payments. Optimize your cash flow and win more business.

FINANCE. Grow faster with instant financing.  Receive same-day financing to help you deliver customer orders. will do for B2B commercial banking what Uber did for the taxi industry – offer a better customer experience that has been neglected for far too long. 

Businesses will be able to connect their existing bank accounts, payment providers and accounting software. It’s a fully integrated solution that automates formerly mundane administration tasks, freeing up resources and saving on HR costs. In addition, offers unique tools to turn payment & financing processes into a new revenue generator, rather than just a cost.

Today is a new phase for our business and something that we have been working hard on as a team, overcoming the many challenges posed by the pandemic.  However, we are really just getting started. We have some amazing developments to announce in the coming weeks.

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